Athens asks for repairs: print by verbal be aware

The Greek authorities formally requested Germany to barter reparations for Wehrmacht crimes. For the federal authorities, nonetheless, the difficulty is clarified and can't be additional negotiated.

By Michael Lehmann, ARD Studio Athens

It's a letter from the German Overseas Ministry to the German authorities, which is named a verbal be aware within the language of diplomats. On this written assertion, Greece is now formally requested by Greece to barter any compensation for the harm brought on by the Wehrmacht crime.

In the course of the German occupation in Greece there weren't solely quite a few massacres and different crimes in opposition to the civil inhabitants by German members of the Wehrmacht. German troopers looted a lot meals in some elements of Greece that the famine killed as much as 300,000 individuals.

Seibert: "Legally and politically resolved"

Within the lengthy years after the struggle, Germany paid compensation just for only a few of those Wehrmacht crimes. For the German federal authorities, the difficulty of compensation is legally clarified and not negotiable.

The Greek authorities continues to see it otherwise. Within the Greek parliament, each the left-wing ruling social gathering Syriza and the conservative opposition social gathering Nea Demokratia had voted in favor of recent negotiations with Germany on reparation funds.

The federal authorities spokesman, Steffen Seibert, had declared after this parliamentary decision in Athens, the difficulty of compensation is legally and politically finalized from the viewpoint of the federal authorities. However attorneys and historians don't agree on this concern.

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